About us

We are professional clowns, artists and musicians who volunteer in crisis areas to perform there for free.

Shows in crisis areas

Our job is to give life to the local people with our free shows. The few moments of pure joy and carefree cheerfulness during the visits will continue to be felt for a long time – especially among children, the first target audience when traveling. It is these shared moments of friendship that are worth so much. In a sea of ​​often traumatizing and bleak living conditions, they offer a small liferaft.

Before you came, the children played war. Now they are playing clown.

Quote from an employee of an NGO in the Jordanian refugee camp Za’atari.

International understanding with red nose

In lectures and on our blog, we report on our encounters. At a time when fears and prejudices are being cultivated, we want to set a sign of tolerance, curiosity and compassion. We as clowns encounter the people in the countries visited in a very unique way. This creates a completely different picture: there people live, love and laugh just as much as we do. We try to convey that in our home country.

Sustainable work

Once the clowns are in a corner of the earth, they do everything they can to come back. This is how long-term friendships develop. On site, we also give workshops and train employees of partner organizations in clown work. Some of them can then work in areas we can not access – in Syria, for example.

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The Clowns Without Borders Germany have been touring various countries since 2007 – as one of 12 independent members of the Clowns Without Borders International. We are neither political nor religious or otherwise. Our teams of clowns, performers and musicians have now completed 23 trips to 12 countries, including Romania, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Georgia, India, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Kenya, Nepal, Jordan and Syria ..and also in initial reception facilities here in Germany (2014).


Every benefit is fun. And work. And that's fun, too.

It's even more fun when we have helpers. Also young artists, clowns, musicians etc., who like to help. Maybe also on stage. Everybody starts somewhere. How it works? Just contact us. We welcome all those who help with or contribute ideas.