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Jonathan Swift

Our Film: "Nada and the Clown"

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Support the new film about our work –

Documentary filmmaker Walter Steffen has already portrayed and supported our work in 2015/16 with his successful film documentary HAPPY WELCOME.

In JOY IN IRAN, Walter Steffen now accompanies Susie Wimmer from Weilheim, Andreas Schock from Weißenburg and Monika Single from Nürnberg on her roadshow through Iran in January 2017. More information about the film: www.JoyInIran.de/en/

JOY IN IRAN is a social cinema film project that is being developed in cooperation with the “Clowns without Borders Germany e.V.” in order to promote our work in Germany and worldwide.

The filming of this film was completed successfully. Now it has to be finished. For this, the film team waived most of its fees. Still missing for the professional postproduction – editing, film music, cinema sound mixing, animations, cinema copies and much more – still about 25,000 €.

To finish the movie and bring it to the cinemas and to the people, we ask for your support. If you all join in, it will be possible! You can support the film directly via our donation account :

Account holder (receiver): Clowns without borders Germany e.V.
IBAN: DE87 8309 4495 0003 3171 96

Intended purpose: Joy in Iran
On request, there is a donation receipt.

Here are the thank-you bonuses for your support:

  • With a support from 25 € there is the DVD of the film free house
  • With a support from 50 € there is the DVD with a license for non-commercial public performances (e.g. for clubs, NGOs, schools etc.)
  • With a support from 100 € there is the DVD of the film and in addition, the name of the supporter in the trailer of the film is called
  • With a support from 200 € there is in addition to the DVD and attribution an invitation for 2 people to the German premiere of our film.

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Every benefit is fun. And work. And that's fun, too.

It's even more fun when we have helpers. Also young artists, clowns, musicians etc., who like to help. Maybe also on stage. Everybody starts somewhere. How it works? Just contact us. We welcome all those who help with or contribute ideas.