Well that’s it. We’ve traveled half way across the world, and now we’re back home. Thanks to all the people who made the tour possible, especially all the generous and kind sponsors who supported the project financially. You know who you are. Big thanks go to you from all four of us!

Thanks to you we managed to teach 56 students over 13 days in 3 workshop groups. We played for around 10,800 people across three regions of Nepal in 25 schools and villages. We traveled… Endless hours. From 14 hour drives to hikes of an hour or two. We covered some distance, that’s for sure!

Without the kind help of Yubaraj, who managed​ our tour, performed as a clown alongside us, translated our workshops, supported his actors during their final rehearsals, ran a theatre, was always in a cheerful mood and miraculously found time to sleep within all of that… Without you it would have been a completely different experience. Thank you!

To the actors and crew of Shilpee Theatre, who welcomed us from the start with open arms and never failed to give us their kindness when we needed it.

To Tika, our wonderful coordinator in Morang who came to Kathmandu and Kabre on the spur of the moment, just to help us a little more. To his family that let us steel their WiFi and play music in their yard to their neighbours. Who danced for us and sang.

To Bruce, or wonderful, Marxist-American refugee in Nepal, for all the talks and ruminations and all the support and love he gives to the actors we worked with.

To our drivers, our co-coordinators at the locations, the Kantipur Cafe that supplied us with samosas, to the cantina that feed us and gave us glasses because we never could manage to drink in the perfect Nepali manner of pouring water from a jug into your mouth without touching the two together (except Anita Bertolami, who managed right at the end even to swallow at the same time!) To all the Nepalis we met randomly, who shared their time and joy.

We miss you all, already!

And, who knows? maybe one day we’ll meet again.

Anita, Anita, Yubaraj and Shiva.