Today began both our workshop and rehearsals. As I mentioned before, we’re working and staying at the Shilpee Theatre; a wonderful collective of creative people whose goal it is to educate, emancipate and entertain. We sleep in bunk beds on either side of the stage, and in the mornings we can hear them begin rehearsals at 7am, singing, clapping, rolling on the floor.

The interest in our workshop was overwhelming – 28 participants, all adept performers capable of sharing their knowledge once we’re gone. Their performance level was impressive, and by the end of the first day, we were already laughing heartily!

A quick lunch break, and we headed back into the theatre for several hours of clown rehearsals with Yuba. We finished after sunset, soon after to be treated to a rare rain shower that rolled over Kathmandu, hopefully settling some of the dust that hangs on clouds above the streets.